Sustain Summit 2018 was a one day event around sustainability of open source. Together with a hundred open source enthusiasts, it was a full day of sessions that each one tackles on different aspects in this area; governance, community management, succession plans, financial sustainability and so on.

Our event organizers deserve applause for their amazing effort for holding this great event, and creating a conversation around this crucial topic.

Here are the notes from our session.


Exploring the possibility of using government taxes as an alternative way to create steady income for open source projects.


Like every other…

Update (13 May 2017): Recently I tried to include karma & jasmine to my application, but couldn’t manage to configure karma to work with systemjs. This was a holy sign for me to check AngularCLI, and I did, and I’m glad I did it.

Please ignore the part about Module loader & build tool part in this article (yes, the longest part), and just start developing your new app with AngularCLI. Good luck!

First things first; to align with Angular’s latest branding guidelines, AngularJS will refer to 1.x release, and Angular will refer to 2+ release in this article.


Here is our experimental attempt to help you make “your first pull request”.

We created a page on our website that lists our contributors.

Your mission dear potential contributor, should you choose to accept it, is to fork our project, update this html page by adding your name and some optional details and send it to us as a pull request.

After reviewing it, we will publish your changes to our website with the next update and your mission will be completed.

Here are the links for exact steps:

Getting Started

First Mission

Please note that tutorials only cover Windows…

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